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Gecenin Sonuna Yolculuk'tan

"You can be a virgin in horror the same as in sex."

"The biggest defeat in every department of life is to forget, especially the things that have done you in, and to die without realizing how far people can go in the way of crumminess. When the grave lies open before us, let's not try to be witty, but on the other hand, let's not forget, but make it our business to record the worst of the human viciousness we've seen without changing one word."

"Oh, how you long to get away! To sleep! That's the main thing! When it becomes really impossible to get away and sleep, then the will to live evaporates of its own accord."

"It's as black as an asshole."

"In this kind of deferred death agony that hits you when you're lucid and in good health, the mind is open to nothing but absolute truths. Once you've been through it, you'll know what you're talking about till the end of your days."

"Everything that's important goes in the darkness, no doubt about it. We never know anyone's real inside story."

"He had the same trouble as all intellectuals, he was ineffectual. He knew too many things, and they confused him."

"The north at least preserves your flesh; Northerners are pale once and for all. Between a dead Swede and a young man who has had a bad night there's not much to choose."

"There's something sad about people going to bed, You can see they don't give a damn whether they're getting what they want out of life or not, you can see they don't even try to understand what we're here for. They just don't care. Americans or not, they sleep no matter what, they're bloated mollusks, no sensibility, no trouble with their conscience."

"The worst part is wondering how you'll find the strength tomorrow to go on doing what you did today and have been doing for too much too long, where you'll find the strength for all that stupid running around, those projects that come to nothing, those attempts to escape from crushing necessity, which always founder  and  serve only to convince you one more time that destiny is implacable, that every night will find you down and out, crushed by the dread of more and more sordid and insecure tomorrows."

"And where, I ask you, can a man escape to, when he hasn't enough madness left inside him? The truth is an endless death agony. The truth is death. You have to choose: death or lies. I've never been able to kill myself."

"I'd meet her after dinner and force myself to put on a cheerful face. You've got to be cheerful with women, in the beginning at least."

"Why kid ourselves, people have nothing to say to one another, they all talk about their own troubles and nothing else. Each man for himself, the earth for us all. They try to unload their unhappiness on someone else when making love, they do their damnedest, but it doesn't work, they keep it all, and then they start all over again, trying to find a place for it."

"Here we sit, empty, bewildered, contented. We have nothing to talk about, because nothing happens to us anymore, we're too poor, maybe life is sick of us. Why not?"

"Has life been kind to them? So why would the take pity on anybody? What for? What are other people to them? Has anybody ever been known to go down to hell to take someone else's place? No. They send other people down, that's all."

"With one hand I crept slowly up her tensed thighs, it's fun with the lantern on the floor, because at the same time you can watch the muscles rippling over her legs. It's a position I can recommend. Ah!

Such moments are not to be missed. They put your eyes out of joint, but it's worth it. What gusto! What sudden good humor! The conversation resumed in a new tone of confidence and simplicity. Now we were friends. Asses first. We had just saved ten years."

"If someone tells you he's unhappy, don't take it on faith Just ask him if he can sleep ... If he can, then all's well. That's good enough."

"'Between the penis and mathematics, Monsieur Baryton, there's nothing! A vacuum!'"
"... All that can be fucked."

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